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Brons beeld 'The Visitor' H 38

38*49*120 I Brons I Groen
€ 9.169,00

Levertermijn 4 - 5 weken.

Guido Deleu (1932) is a Belgian sculptor and civil engineer who worked for the company Philips for most of his life. Upon retirement, he decided to dedicate his life to art and sculpting. His artistic journey began at the Academy of Arts in Roeselare followed by several workshops in Carrara, Italy, focusing on carving techniques in marble. Deleu’s creations in ceramic and bronze have a contemporary, sophisticated and balanced out quality to them, making them the perfect complement to any interior. His most iconic creation is The Visitor, a kind and friendly figure whom anyone would welcome with open arms.

  • Collectie:
  • Kleur: Groen
  • Breedte: 49 cm
  • Hoogte: 120 cm
  • Lengte: 38 cm
  • Materiaal: Brons
  • Ref. nummer: 48967
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